Our Goal - is to help people understand technology, and work with it better. You shouldn’t have to do your job and IT support. So, “Let Us Help Your Business With Technology You Can Trust “. Hence, we bring all your IT idea’s to life and keep them functioning with your business goals. 
We value our clients and guarantee our services. If for some reason you are unhappy with our work we will do whatever it takes to gain your respect again. 
  1. Work with you to solve the problem
  2. Document the problem
  3. Review how/why the problem exists
  4. Document a plan of action.
  5. Review with the client.
  6. Resolve the issue/issues in a timely matter.
  7. Document clients sign off of the resolution.
  8. Document clients Approval/Disapproval. 
  9. Have manager sign off on documents.
  10. Repeat procedure if necessary.